Wednesday, October 07, 2009

new election, new logic

i dont have a candidate to promote like last time but i have a stupid logic never the less.

so basically we dont want to vote for a corrupt candidate, and all the main guys (likely to win) are rotten. what can we do?

i have devised a cunning plan. what we do is find a decent independent candidate and vote for him/her. if you cant find such a dude, the hell with decent, just vote for any independent. this will raise the percentage voting figure without making you feel guilty of sending a crook in the state assembly. come next elections, parties will realize that 60-70% people are voting and that they cannot rely on the zopadpatti vote alone to sneak through. then they would realize that it is a bit harder to woe the educated class and further down the line they wont be so blatant in ignoring the people. finally they will start doing things slightly more efficiently and something resembling good governance might happen.

yup. i know its lame. wont get a soul out on election day. even if all the optimism in this logic is to be believed, it will take 20-25 yrs for this to happen. too boring and insignificant. better dash off to sinhagad on 13th Oct, i hear they've declared it a public holiday :)

some unnecessary links - Find your name/polling booth here. (this site has a reputation of going down close to election day. I suggest you save your/your families vitals stats somewhere to avoid dday confusion.) - List of candidates and their affidavits

UPDATE: few more..

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