Wednesday, December 09, 2009

एक कप च्या - a cup of tea

so why did i decide to watch this obscure marathi movie with no star cast when Paa is the flavor of the season? couple of reasons.

firstly, marathi movies have raised the bar in all aspects of the game and i must admit i have enjoyed the likes of vaLu, ek daav dhobipachad and gabharicha paus more than their star studded hindi and, special effects studded english counterparts. secondly i was not in a mood for the intricacies of human emotions and 'relationships' :P (you have got to know bollywood to understand the quotes).

instead i was in a mood for something more practical and when this movie advertised that it is about RTI (Right to Information) Act, i went for it.

we never cross paths with the government and its infinite offices. we pay our taxes, mind our businesses and hope that we never have to deal with the courts, the police, the this department and the that department of the administration. only when we are dragged into these places (e.g. by an insanely high electricity bill that the dude in this movie is served with), do we begin to realize what a mess they really are.

by we, i dont actually mean you and me, 'cause we are the privileged class (people with liberal access to broadband connections can safely be termed as privileged in a country where most don't have access to good food and water). we won't have a problem even in these offices 'cause we can simply bribe our way through them.

but what if you don't have the money or don't want to indulge in bribery on principle? this is a story of such stupid people. and surprisingly, it has a happy ending :)



Blogger Deepak Iyer said...

have you seen harishchandrachi factory, jogwa, rita and gandha ?

haven't heard of ek daav .. will look it up.

1:34 PM, December 09, 2009  
Blogger siddhya said...

yes its terrific, no but i hve heard its good, no i have heard it avg at best, no i have heard nothing abt it :P

2:40 PM, December 09, 2009  

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