Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I never used to watch a movie twice, nor read the same book again. But lately, i don't know why, but i get this urge to do just that. Not just watch it on TV, but go out, rent a DVD and watch the damn thing again. That's scary.

Why would you watch a movie which you have already seen and remember very well? Some say they learn something new every time they watch it (especially the movies they love). Well this might be true for books, they leave a lot to imagination so the insights change according to your mood, experiences, etc. It might be somewhat true for seriously layered motion pictures. But for routine action flicks and slapstick comedies? Nah..

What i have come to like is the safe feeling that my expectations cannot be shattered. There is tension, but no anxiety. That happy feeling you get when you know that everything _has_ to go according to plan. The plan that you know all along. The plot will unfold as expected, the good guys will win. Watching re-runs makes your universe, well deterministic for that short duration of time. And it is a lovely feeling.

It is also a clear indication that my appetite for risk is reducing. I am perhaps tired of trying something new, failing miserably most of the time. Getting myself hurt in the process, but then again getting up and fighting on.

This drill looks nice for a 20 year old, but i am past 30. Maybe i should look at what other decent 30 year olds around me are doing. Grow up like them. Perhaps...

Perhaps, but not today. Not tonight. Tonight, i dream on. A dream of doing something extravagant, exhilarating, fearless and unbound.

Today i resist the urge to grab the rail. Tomorrow?



Blogger Random Reggae said...

Another 30+ year old still in the same boat but never thought this way. Completely unapologetic about the addiction to watch it again.

The secret I feel is in those moments which another movie cannot create. The one that gives you goosebumps, each for a different reason. From that dramatic moment when Andy Duffrene escapes from Shawshank to a plain silly one like "Mahabharat" scene in Jaane bhi Do....there is something in them that you cannot absorb in one gulp, at least I cannot :)

1:20 AM, October 21, 2012  
Blogger siddhya said...

You are right. If the movie/book is that good then watching it again and again may give you more insights. But watching mediocre action flicks or non-funny comedies just because you don't want to take the effort to watch and comprehend something new, is what i am referring to in this post.

10:48 AM, October 23, 2012  

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