Thursday, March 08, 2012

Another Earth

How do you live with a mistake? The ones that you simply can't undo.

I was travelling alone on a business trip to Shanghai. With dinner (or it's airline equivalent) served and done with, lights were dimmed and people around me started modifying themselves to fit into their economy class chairs. I decided to watch a movie or two instead. What would I like today? Something intellectually stimulating in the Art section? Perhaps a no-brainer comedy or a run-of-the-mill action thriller? I decided like most men do, the movie with the sexiest girl in the preview clip.

Another Earth was not something i expected. The movie started off slowly (well it was slow throughout), but it gripped me. The direction and acting was unhurried and simple. The music was terrific. There are many things in life that you start doing for all the wrong reasons, but in the end are glad that you did them. I am not sure how many people will like this movie. They might find it boring and odd. Perhaps i might have a different opinion if i watch it again. Perhaps it was because i was alone on an airplane. But i am glad i watched this movie.

“We are so self centered. Do you think they’re up there calling themselves Earth 2?”



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