Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pune 52: A prank film

Someone told me this is a suspense thriller, so i have to be honest, i went in with the wrong expectations.

It starts off like a crime thriller, deserted road, heavy downpour, a figure in a black trench-coat moving silently between the shadows. But that was pretty much it as far as the suspense in the movie goes (by the way, that figure turns out to be the detective returning home from work).

The makers of this movie were all respectable people who have made great movies in the past. So I started watching full of concentration trying not to miss anything that is offered on the screen. We even shushed some people who were passing comments and having a merry time.

Me: Why is everything so slow? didn't the reviews say this is a fast paced thriller?
Myself: Be patient. They are building up the plot for a thrilling twist.
Me: Why are the dialogues so, common place? This is boring.
Myself: Shut-up. It takes real talent to show the commonplace. This is sublime movie making.
Me: Why is it so dark? Why are they focusing on irrelevant things? Why is the camera shaking continuously?
Myself: You are so un-intellectual. This is all part of new cinema. Just watch and be awed.
Me: This is so absurd that it has started becoming funny. Nice. The audience has started having fun too.
Myself: You guys are stupid idiots. Just see,  everything will spectacularly make sense at the end.
Me: I am sleepy again. Wait. What? That's the end??
Myself: ... Do you want ice-cream?

If you are a person, or know a person, who has seen this movie and liked it, please please comment. I would be very interested in knowing what's the deal here.



Blogger All Talk and No Action said...

Me: This review is hilarious

Myself: You bet!

8:22 PM, January 20, 2013  
Blogger siddhya said...

:) A found one reviewer who could _really_ read between the lines ;)

11:27 PM, January 30, 2013  

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