Thursday, November 22, 2012

अंधाराचं बेट

Theatre म्हणजे एक घनदाट जंगल असतं. काही वेडी लोकं आयुष्यभर त्यातून वाट काढत बसतात. पण शेवटी असं लक्ष्यात येतं कि हे एक बेट आहे. उंच लाटा आणि फेसाळणाऱ्या पाण्यानी वेढलेलं बेट.

Most of us are not full-time or professional artists. Our passions, be it theatre, music, trekking or something else, always come second to our profession. But this play, अंधाराचं बेटgives a glimpse of what it might be like to follow your dream till the end. To go on an island with no hope of coming back to safety and security. You can be a spectacular success or a tragic failure. What you cannot be, once you step on that island, is normal.

How do you balance your work and your passions? This age old question again comes down to your relationships. The close ones i mean. The protagonist of this play constantly fought a battle between his parents and this theatre, the love of this life and his theatre, and ultimately that tore him to pieces. But why does it have to be so? Can't we let people close to us do what they like?

I asked this question to myself, and the quick impulsive answer that i got was; ofcourse! Why would i not let the people i love do what they want? I am not that evil. But the truth is, we look at each person from our own perspective, never as a whole.

प्रत्येकजण राख्याचे तुकडे करत होता. आणि राख्या ते तुकडे जोडून जगायचा प्रयत्न करत होता. कारण जगायला तर पाहिजेच.



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