Sunday, July 21, 2013


Why are we always either too young or too old for something?

I have often heard older folk say that they want to be child-like. Without a worry in the world. Most kids cannot wait till they grow up. No homework and freedom to do as they please, they think. Neither is of course true. Yes, kids live in the moment and don't worry about future as such. But they are not fearless. Perhaps much more fearful of simple things like darkness, not getting food or being away from mommy and daddy. Yes older people don't have to go to school. But they still have homework (married people will know this to be quiet true).

When we are young we are filled with prejudices and complexes. Am I good looking? Am I smart enough? Will they accept me this group? Will they laugh at me? Will this girl ever look at me? Why is this guy staring at me? These insecurities are formed at birth and they keep piling up. No matter how great or wonderful and free your upbringing has been, these are growing up pains that everyone just has to go through. Some get it rough, some not so much, some overcome them early, some take long. With time and age we slowly shed them. But that same time and age that helps us get over these limitations pulls us towards another inevitable one. Physical. Slowly you loose your vigour, your energy, your health. It is simply, physically impossible to learn and do many things as you grow older. This might sound pessimistic and unreal because there are millions of quotes and poems and stories to tell you that 'young at heart' is what matters. Yes it might be true that it is what matters, but these limitations are also very very real.

So there is this window of opportunity, so to say, when you have over come most of your inhibitions, your fears and insecurities and your physical limitations are yet to set in. For some it might be 25 to 35. For others something else. But this is time to do great stuff. Try something new. Be passionate about things. Do something stupid. Work hard. Take some risk. Be relentless. What ever you do, do not crib afterwards that you missed this opportunity. I have seen and met uncles who missed it then and are stuck trying to recreate that feeling at daru parties. And there is perhaps nothing more pitiable.



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