Saturday, October 29, 2005

Adaptability - boon or bain?


First of all, sorry about the title. Looks more like 7th std English essay. Come to think of it, writing such (boon or bain) essays is one of the things that actually gets tougher with age. Everything can be classified into either good or bad at that age. its not that easy. For some reason we develop a fear of taking sides. Find a middle path, thats safest. Anyways, i'll take this topic and see wheather I still retain that childish(child-like if you may..) quality.

When do you need to adapt? When there is a change, ofcourse.
Scenario: In my case India to US, earning money to losing money, party every night to alone in a foriegn city, etc. etc. Not a big change but still considerable. Thought it would be difficult to adjust. Surprisingly was not. When things dont turn out the way you thought they would, u think. (even if they turn out better...) So after getting a grasp on things I realised what had happened. All that I had done was this - stop doing what you cant, start doing what you can. Hey!! what kinda statement is this anyway. If you look at it from an information therotic perspective, this statement contains zero information. What else can you do? I dont know, can you?

If this is the definition of adapting to things then life is so simple. No need to fight with and change the situation. Just change yourself to fit in a given situation. As morphius would have put it - We accept the reality of what we are presented with. I guess thats the way most of us "live". Seems quiet rational in fact. If you have nothing perticular to achieve in life, do whats easiest to do in any situation. Though this makes me feel like a electron trying to get to ground by the path of least resistance. Lets forget about tiny electrons for a moment, they are just normal, nothing interesting.

And then there is Morphius and his kind. Rigid, foolish, stubburn? maybe.. but different nodoubt. If they believe in something they wont let go, no matter how much the resistance. I have always been fascinated by such people. What makes them work so hard, fight all odds and not let go. What keeps there confidence going if they fail. Dont they fear that one fine morning they might wake up to realize that there beliefs were all wrong. Somehow they dont. I mean look at morphius. He doesn't have speical powers like neo. All you need is a belief. Are these guys born this way?

What if you dont have an aim. You want to, but you dont. Just pick one at random? trust me it doesn't work that way. Thats one of the problems with being logical. You simply cannot have believes. (Proof: Belief implies illogical, 'cause if it is logical you dont have to believe in it, its true anyways.) I guess 'wait for it' an hope that things change would be reasonable. But then again, who is trying to be reasonable here ;-)
There is a third kind. Those who dont know why they are here and dont give a damn either. hmmm...might be classified under electrons. Uninteresting.

So have I been able to take a stand? Guess I am not young enough to know everything. Anyways, this is just a thought line, doesn't have to reach a conclusion. Actually most of the time such problems are NP-complete. Leaving you with these thought...

I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person -- they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated.
-- Russell Crowe

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
-- George Bernard Shaw